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Wanns.dk Development was created on a day when I had struggled to long with bad administration tools for my PACS/RIS System.
I began with my old passion for programming, and started develop programs, for my self as an administrator and for my customers in the radiology departments.
Over the years since I started I have created numbers of programs, and I will on this site share them with the world.


This website is under development, but within the fall, I will have all my program and new projects released on the site.


I hope that my software will bring joy to others.


I program in C#.Net v.3 so that needs to be installed on systems running my software.


I develop mainly for AGFA IMPAX version 5 and 6, Carestream RIS 2010


Enjoy – Bo Wann












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Why battle within chaos,
When we can work in Peace…

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